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A childhood memory of brain electrodes

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Sometimes procrastinating is a sign of a deeper psychological problem. This is what Mom feared when I was little.

Although I felt fine, my caring but concerned mother took me to a series of sessions at a place where electrodes were glued to my head. I remember lying on a…

On Halloween, are you a social butterfly or a hidden shadow?

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Whether you’re an empty-nester or you have no kids, you can still participate in Halloween shenanigans! The fun of costumes, decorations, and trick-or-treaters isn’t just for parents.

If you’re not up for it, then sure, you can attend an “adults only” Halloween party to avoid any mini-monsters on your doorstep…

Who says you have to go solo? Grab your spouse or a friend and get cracking!

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Wearing his and her Halloween costumes can be just as much fun as individual costumes, but the trick is finding outfits that people will automatically recognize. The driving force behind any Halloween costume is to entertain while avoiding confusion. Therefore, easily recognizable characters are vital if you don’t want people…

Classic, creepy, and cool pieces for your Halloween visitors

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Halloween is more than just costumes, candy, and goofy-looking pumpkins; it’s legends, traditions, and boatloads of atmosphere. To successfully host any Halloween event, you need the right background music.

But not all Halloween gatherings are the same. Kid parties and adult parties both require their own distinct tunes for a…

A little planning and inspiration will give your party life

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Halloween parties come in two basic groups: gatherings for young children or adults. Other than the traditional costumes and candy, party details may include variations on decorations, music, food, and any contests or other planned events.

While planning a Halloween party for teens is possible, it may be tricky since…

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